Wedgwood Briar Rose

Wedgwood Briar Rose

A tradition since 1969

The Briar Rose crockery was produced by Wedgwood between 1969 and 1998. In this period of almost 30 years, it was one of the best-selling qualitywares. Still, the gentle Briar Rose is beloved by many. It is now part of the iconic vintage tableware. At the same time, it is still active in many households. Wedgwood Briar Rose has a neoclassical look and is made of very hard ceramics.

Design and design

Wedgwood Briar Rose is based on the world famous Edme crockery, whose design dates back to 1908. It was designed at the time by John Goodwin, who was then art director at Wedgwood. Edme is best known for its distinctive vertical ridge structure, lightly decorated edges, various ornaments and a beautiful white glaze. And after 110 years, it's still in production. Briar Rose's pattern is formed by green mixed branches and old pink coloured wild roses. The motif is designed separately for each crockery part and it always contains one but more often several wild roses.

Examples of Briar Rose

The range

The Briar Rose crockery is richly equipped, as the entire line includes dozens of crockery parts. The range includes a complete breakfast tableware, tea and coffee tableware, pastry crockery, presentation bowls, various bowls, deck bowls and terrines. Lampshades, vases, candlesticks, ashtrays and etagères have also been produced. In fact, there is nothing within briar rose's capabilities.

Buy Briar Rose

Briar Rose has been out of production for quite some time. Regina, however, makes it possible to supplement your existing crockery with original parts, which are practically in new condition. Check out the price list or visit the webshop, where you will find beautiful crockery parts that are often selected from private collections. We only offer the best items, which are rarely used and are free of damage or color loss. In short: At Regina you will find only high-quality Wedgwood Briar Rose, which you can also easily order online.